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Herbal Oils


Personalised Nutrition is a popular concept at the moment.

A definition of this is:

“Personalised nutrition is based on the idea that individualizing nutritional advice, products or services will be more effective than more generic approaches”.

“Biological evidence of differential responses to foods/nutrients depend on genotypic or phenotypic characteristics.”

The British Medical Journal comments:


“Analysis of current behaviour, preferences, barriers and objectives and subsequent delivery of interventions which motivate and enable each person to make appropriate changes to his or her eating pattern”.

Personalised nutritional websites ask to complete questionnaires on health and lifestyle choices and past medical history.


Kinesiology with Gill Farr is the perfect example of Personalised Nutrition. The individual’s health issues will be investigated, deficiencies in nutritional needs identified both in terms of diet and supplementation by personal testing. Genetic and phenotypic areas can be discussed and addressed. This achieves the ultimate objective of Personalised Nutrition.

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