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Nicola Liddiard
Uxbridge, Middx


Gill Farr is a very talented and professional individual.


She very quickly diagnosed my condition, which had my doctor stumped for months and accurately diagnosed a course of treatment which has been 100% effective.

I always felt at ease in Gill's company and her various methods and techniques were always non intrusive and effortless.

Some of my friends and family have visited Gill and all are very satisfied customers, just like myself.

Heather Murphy
Gerrards Cross, Bucks


About 18 months ago, I was suffering from terrible hot flushes as a symptom of the menopause. The flushes were increasing in frequency and intensity during the day and night sweats were waking me up 3 or 4 times during the night, making me feel exhausted the next day.

I was very against going on HRT, so went to see Gill who assessed my condition and using muscle testing revealed that this was due to a deficiency in Vitamin B6. After taking the liquid vitamin B6 recommended by Gill I was amazed that even after 24 hours, the hot flushes had subsided and after 48 hours had disappeared. I now take a maintenance dose from time to time if I feel they are returning and I am so delighted to be leading a normal life again.

Karen Wilson
Ickenham, Middx


I was first introduced to Gill Farr 5-6 years ago. She initially helped me to evaluate food intolerances. We went on to help me deal with the day to day stresses of a high profile Executive role.

When I went through an unexpected break- up of my marriage Gill helped me through the various stages of shock, hurt, anger and recovery. At each stage of diagnosis it felt as if we were going deeper and deeper into not only current issues but were also uncovering and healing previous experiences and traumas which had clearly been buried. And buried they may have stayed , festering inside me. Gill helped uncover and release them as well as effectively treating them.

As a result and despite having lived through a dramatic period of unexpected change I have far more energy than I had 20 years ago and friends who have known me forever claim that I look so much better ( and younger ) and that I am overall a more relaxed person.

Gill never imposes her views and is excellent at establishing how far each person is happy to go at each session. She has great instinct as well as great skill and therefore is heartily recommended

Lyn Toop
Flackwell Heath, Bucks


Gill has given me a private and personal service that has been tailored to my individual, changing needs. I always feel safe and comfortable in her care and at peace in the beautiful surroundings of her studio. Improved mental and physical health has resulted from a range of dietary supplements and lifestyle changes. My energy levels have increased and I feel I am more confident and in control of life. I would happily recommend Gill as a talented, passionate and dedicated kinesiologist who clearly has a gift for her work.

Reverend Michael Beckett
Cambridge, Cambs


I had had back problems since I was aged 19. The pain in my lower back had, for many years, been sporadic but as I approached 50, it became more persistent, such that I would get up in the morning wondering if it was going to be a mildly painful day or a really painful one. I tried a variety of alternative therapies, including osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. Eventually I went to the doctor, albeit expecting nothing. I was referred to the hospital specialist, who apparently worked out that I had mechanical back pain and suggested that I should take more pain-killers. I was prescribed an opiate, which made it difficult for me to stand up! I was already taking at least 4 anti-inflammatory pills per day and thought that this was no way to spend the rest of my life. I was by then getting very depressed, both as a result of the pain and by the prospect of increasing disability. I was seriously considering giving up golf which I love - I could no longer swing a club properly.

I was fairly cynical and had little hope when Gill suggested that she would be able to help me. However, I was desperate and so she tested me, using a variety of her techniques for possible causes. She treated me with a dietary regime, various supplements, and techniques to ward off the ill effects of emotional stress which has been a strong contributory factor of my physical ill health.

And whilst I have occasional brief episodes of pain, resulting generally from some presenting emotional cause, I seek Gill's help and they resolve within a very short space of time. I have not taken a pain killer from that day to this, years on. I would therefore recommend anyone to seek Gill's help, especially, as in my case; all other more conventional methods have been exhausted.

Judith Campbell
Flackwell Heath, Bucks


I have been a regular client of Gill Farr, since 2005. When I first started seeing Gill I was generally unwell. I had gut and skin problems , thyroid issues, a weak immune system and depression. These health issues were having a negative impact on my life. I was struggling to carry out many everyday tasks without tiring, but thankfully with Gill’s expert care and guidance and regular kinesiology treatments I have become completely fit and healthy in mind body and soul and am now flourishing in my personal and professional life. Gill’s regular holistic treatments also enabled me to back go to college to train to be a specialist dyslexia teacher, an achievement, I would have considered virtually impossible to do before I met Gill.

Thank you Gill!

Sam Brown
Stoke Poges, Bucks


I've been coming to see Gill for treatment periodically, and I've been seeing the benefits since day one. I first came to Gill for help with recurring injuries sustained whilst playing rugby and weight training, with the problems ranging from minor to quite severe soft tissue injuries. Soon after the first session I could see that my problems were starting to ease. Gill goes out of her way to make you feel as comfortable as possible, explaining in detail why things are happening and how they can be remedied. Coming from a background in sport, dealing mostly with physiotherapists, doctors and consultants, I have had to become a lot more open minded with some of the techniques Gill uses, but after seeing how quickly and well they've worked it has been well worth it!

The sessions can be as long or as short as you need with Gill putting no pressure on you, allowing you to speak freely about any problems, the more you talk the better she can help you!

For me, Gill has been brilliant ,always there when I've needed some injury or problem sorting, and always willing to help, I can't thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone!

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